Moral dilemma

August 26, 2008

HIJACKED! (238/365)

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Is it unfair to sneak up on deaf people and hijack their pictures?


Dear Lazyweb,

Is there a nice way to tell gnome-power-manager to run ‘ssh-add -D’ as me before suspending or hibernating?



August 25, 2008

I decided to unplug and not be online much this weekend. Friday evening we got some food, nestled back and watched a movie. Then early to bed and up for the farmer’s market. Then I had a huge list of household stuff to do, a number of those things I accomplished. We pulled up most of the finished summer plants, we added compost to the beds and planted fall/winter items (lettuce, kale, collards, arugula, etc). Then we cleaned up the yard and generally tidied everything up. Then I moved on to finish painting a brick wall in the mudroom, which looks pretty good, too.

Woke up bright and early on sunday to meet a friend for a bike ride out to hillsborough. We took the tandem and we traveled about 14-15mph both ways. Had breakfast at weaver st then came on back. Cleaned up, rested, ran a few errands then worked on pickling okra with Eunice. She did most of the work, I just got cranky occasionally. Then I played a couple of video games and now I think I’m going to go read and tuck myself in.

I hope to be back and less burnt out tomorrow.

I will routinely get corrected by various bicycling afficianados  if I refer to the thing you sit on as a “seat”. They, of course, say “It’s a saddle, not a seat”.

So my question is this. Why are the parts of the frame called a seat tube and seat stays if the thing you sit on is not a seat?

Dear LazyWeb,

I’ve recently been using pidgin-otr a lot and I have to say, I love it. The setup is straightforward, I’ve watched the XMPP as it goes and I feel pretty good that google can’t see my stuff. Yay.

However, it makes me want to have a similar feature for evolution or tbird. Something so I can say “send this person an email and confirm encrytped communication between us”

I did some searching and I found nothing.

Any thoughts?

After that you can’t produce anymore and your body and mind start to collapse. 5 days is waaaaaay beyond the pale.

On the plus side waiting for IBM server machines to POST is a good time to take a 15 or 20 minute nap. 🙂

I received a call back today from the manager of a VERY LARGE company with regard to the problems interacting with their ‘authentication’ mechanisms on behalf of another person. They said “It is probably easiest to just lie about who you are and provide the necessary authentication passwords, than to tell us you’re a third party.”

Classy. Gotta love it.

I have an idea, why even bother asking who a person is at all. Just ask for the name/number on the account (your login name) and the appropriate password. Ignore everything else about the name since it is a useless authenticator over the phone anyway.

Boggles my mind.