me, injured

July 27, 2009

me, injured

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good times. Hernias. You know what else is fun about hernias? I asked the doctor what I should have done to prevent this and his response was pretty much “have different parents?”. Apparently I was screwed from the word go.

So, if everyone notices me being grumpier than usual, this is why.


July 16, 2009

I met with a normally cranky set of sysadmins from my former employer to find out how F11 is doing for them and what things need fixing today for lunch. And, barring some relatively minor (and bizarre) issues F11 is working very well for them.

It’s always nice when stuff works like was planned.

So we’ve come up with a list of pkgs which are in the critical path for users and the distro itself.

You can find them here:

or by running:

yum –disablerepo=’*’ –enablerepo=’rawhide’ groupinfo \

critical-path-base critical-path-gnome

Today I took a little time and wrote a script:

that outputs who owns the critical path components from any of the three crit-path groups – core, critical-path-base and critical-path-gnome

You can find the output of the script here:

We’re not finished with the process yet, but if you find your name on this list you should start watching the critical path process to see what else you’ll need to know.

this weekend

July 13, 2009

Things I did this weekend:
Took a bike ride:

Went to Old Salem:

things I read: – former cigna exec straightening the record – jimmy carter leaving the southern baptist church