feels like we’re on an island

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In case it was unclear – this is a sleeping porch. It is connected off the second floor on the back of the house. It’s fully screened and has no other way off of it – so not way IN for bugs. This is from earlyish in the morning.

I was talking to someone on irc #fedora-devel the other day about needing a way for a user to install the debuginfo for a certain package and all of that package’s immediate dependencies’ debuginfo packages. However, I cannot remember who it was. Sad, isn’t it.

Anyway – I wrote debuginfo-install tonight which does just that.

I’ll see about getting it included in yum-utils if it what it does makes sense to whomever it was who was asking about it. πŸ™‚

status, again

April 24, 2007

So, last week was a bit of a wash as to getting anything done for yum or fedora, in general. I was too busy running back and forth to get stuff from the old house and unpacking stuff here to really accomplish anything. This week is getting better. I’m slowly getting back into a routine which should help me get work done, I hope. πŸ™‚

Here’s what’s on my [s]hit list for the coming weeks in the time available. I call this my post-work work πŸ™‚

  • yum debuginfo install util
  • install debuginfo for named pkg and all the debuginfos for all the stuff it depends on
  • yum orphan-remove plugin
  • Β  mirrors.fedoraproject fixing
    • check-script
    • work through proxy for GeoIP
    • figure out what pieces are actually needed
  • fedorapeople.org setup
    • reinstall fpserv and setup xen instances
  • straighten out iptables on the rh boxes
  • createrepo
    • cache patch
    • branch
  • take a look at presto for rawhide/3.1/3.2
  • come up with some way to generate torrent page nicely
    • html
    • rss feed
  • ppc arch sorting patch_of_doom
  • pattern= in update() and remove() on YumBase

progress report

April 21, 2007

This week has had its ups and downs with our move to carrboro:


– the hassle with the cable and phone

– moving stuff over from durham to here – it’s just an annoying drive

– going out on thursday night and having no one recognize you and say hello.

– sifting through all of our stuff to figure out what we can get rid of

– finding out that the ‘cybrary’ in downtown carrboro has a handful of books and a number of computers, that’s it.

– determining that while we’re not all that old that we’re too old and not cool enough to hang out in open-eye cafe and not feel out of place.


– having the builder get the cable and phone issues fixed quickly and for free. Yay for internet access in the house!

– finding out bolin creek and the trails around it are surrounding the area where pacifica is on almost all sides. So, a quick few steps out of the house and you’re in the woods on some nice trails which make for lovely places to walk the wondermutt.

– going to the chapel hill public library and realizing how much we missed not only a well populated but also beautiful library. It’s gorgeous

– finding that the wednesday farmer’s market is not huge but reasonably well supplied so that if I want a fresh tomato in the middle of the week I can get it, and from the tomato guy we’ve been going to for quite some time, no less

– being recognized by the folks from chapel hill creamery at the wednesday farmer’s market and having them say “but you live in durham, we saw you there last week, did you leave?!?”

We realized we like being known to people, being ‘those people’ who everyone has seen and can talk to. It’s nice. We’re working on that here, it’ll just take a while before we recognize people and they recognize us. Need to drop into Elmo’s more often, that’ll help. But I’m not sure if Elmo’s here is as much of a central place as it is in Durham. Time will tell.

status report

April 19, 2007

Moved into the new place with much thanks to Mom, Dad and Molly. All the stuff is in the house (with the exception of the gardening stuff which is outside of the house). Now, we just have to sort, unpack and find a place for all of it. Adjustments are being made. It’s a smaller space but we’re making some progress on what is where and how it all fits. However, internet access has been an adventure. I’m currently ‘borrowing’ net access, iykwim. We called to get cable internet connected. The guy comes by to hook it up. Both of the cable jacks in the house do not function. So, I call the owner, who calls the builder, who calls the electrician to get it fixed.

In the time waiting for that I decide to check to see if the house phone is working just in case I need to get DSL, instead. And, it seems, none of the house lines will work. So, b/c of my childhood of playing silly buggers with my home phones I wander out to the greybox on the house and plug in there. Looks like the phone works at least that far so the problem is inside the house-wiring somewhere. Always a treat. So, I call the owner and then the builder about getting this fixed asap. I think I made the joke “I’ve seen faraday cages that aren’t as good at keeping out signals as this house, apparently, is.” I’m not sure anyone gets that joke besides me among the people to whom I tell it but, oh well. I liked it.

In other news, I had interviews with 2 potential employers this week. Both are interesting jobs doing open-source-y things. One is a non-profit and the other is for-profit. I’m leaning in one direction b/c of potential for advancement but I’m waiting to see what comes out of that, first. Both interviews were good and promising, though.

So, if you’re wondering where I am, that’s where I am. I’ve not been online as much b/c, well, it’s hard to be when your access is occasional and blippy.

I’ll post some pictures soon-ish.

Done at Duke

April 14, 2007

Today was my last day at Duke. Finito, Kaput. It was a little wistful and a little strange to be leaving but I’m glad its done and I’m looking forward to what happens next. After some time off from being anywhere.

I’m moving this weekend so I’ll be offline for a while. Just wanted to let people know how talk to me on jabber. I’ll be available from $myusername@jabber.org from now on as well as google talk.

I have a post-work task list which is interesting. I’m hoping to work on a number of things I’ve just not had time for in the last year or so. Maybe we’ll see a lot of good out of that. πŸ™‚

Wish me well.


April 1, 2007

Some folks have been asking what I’m doing, other than changing jobs/leaving duke and, of course moving. Well, let’s cover a few things:

1. moving to carrboro. We’re moving to carrboro, nc. It’ll tell us how much we really love durham or not if we miss it and we’d also like to try out a city/town where public transportation isn’t a vague fairytale. πŸ™‚

2. We’re also going to try out the cohousing thing to see if we like it or if it makes sense for us. It’s a fairly good sized change so I’m certain it’ll take some adaptation. We’ve just signed the lease and we’re moving to the Pacifica Cohousing community. That’s what these pictures are of. We’re renting one of them to see what it will be like. So far it’s a lot of volunteer labor and meetings to figure out who will do what. So, in a lot of ways it’s like Fedora. πŸ™‚

The place we’ve rented is passive solar, tankless hot water heater and is a bit smaller than where we currently are. However, it means we’re downsizing nicely and we’ll hopefully be able to make use of the common house to supplement any space we feel we might need.

3. I’ve been closing out lots of items at work and trying to get the rhel5/centos5 trees for duke complete as one of my final tasks before I mosey on wherever I am going. πŸ™‚

4. Looking for a job with some drive. I have a couple of good leads and I also the next 3 months of being paid by my current employer to look around.

5. even though we’re moving we’re doing a lot of gardening. A lot of it is in raised beds so it will move with us. Some of it won’t. We got some lovely apple trees from my folks for christmas and we’ll be taking those (in their large pots) with us when we go. Looking forward to seeing those leaf out.

6. working in bits and pieces on the yum depsolver. That’s actually coming out little by little better. Jeremy and James have done some good work and I’ve got some pieces I’m pretty excited about, too.

famous last words

April 1, 2007

From: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/science/04/01/climate.report.ap/index.html


Despite that dire outlook, several scientists involved in the process say they are optimistic that such a drastic temperature rise won’t happen because people will reduce carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming.

“The worst stuff is not going to happen because we can’t be that stupid,” said Harvard University oceanographer James McCarthy, who was a top author of the 2001 version of this report. “Not that I think the projections aren’t that good, but because we can’t be that stupid.”

Umm, Yes, yes we can.