Wow, long time since a blog entry.

Been busy-ish, I guess.

Some mario kart, some yum, some work-work, some rpmutils stuff, some metadata stuff. All in all very exciting kind of stuff.

Installed fc2t2 on my laptop and desktop, not too bad, made my network card on my desktop retch. Never a good start, but it made me take note of how slows things are when the card is running in 10bt half duplex.

Yum progress is continuing. The new yum now reads in the new metadata, parses it, gives me a list of new packages and packages available for updates and then promptly exits.

Not hooked the new metadata up to the transaction builder yet. wanting to get some pieces of the excludes figured out before I do that so I don’t code up a bunch of places I have to go back to later and retrofit exclude=’s into.

Gotten some recent useful patches for yum 2.0.X from various folks. Two translations – Ukranian and Czech (now the translations are: Ukranian, Czech, Russian and Spanish – looks like we’re gaining ground in the eastern-european languages πŸ™‚ and a useful patch to do something quasi intelligent when someone chooses, bizarrely, to run in debuglevel 1 all the time.

Mirrors: If you’re thinking about helping out with the problems with the fedora mirrors I would recommend talking to your local mirror admin and asking them what problems they’ve been experiencing with syncing data and mirror management BEFORE posting about what you think the best solution is.

Also, if you think that the solution to mirroring problems lies in enabling bittorrent support in all of the pkg updating clients; you should evaluate some actual numbers on this before proposing it. It’s been proposed on many occasions. It’s not been implemented or used for some good reasons.

Bittorrent syncing between the mirrors might be a very effective measure. Bittorrent syncing b/t the end-clients and the mirrors, probably not.

So as I said before, mouth pain, lots of it and more expected. Yay, what a happy happy happy turn of events. I remember having relative dental health. I also remember having money. Fond memories. Oh well.

Did something fairly hacky on yum tonight to make somethings work and I discovered something fairly ugly in rpm.


That should work as rpm -e somepackage.i386 removes any installed packaged that is named somepackage and has an arch of i386. In python it removes all packages named somepackage, any arch. At least in rpm 4.3-0.20 and rpm 4.2.1-0.30.

oh well, filed away

Two Words:


Hi, my name is seth, would you be willing to let me pay you to attack my mouth with various destructive implements?


Short blog:

  1. teeth feeling better, more or less
  2. a lot of work done on yum-HEAD today – made some good progress.
  3. setup a cvs-repo(viewcvs) for the rpmUtils module I’ve been working on.
  4. the list of things that I would like to accomplish keeps growing. the number of hours in my day does not.
  5. michael and ryan are doing very cool things with urlgrabber
  6. mirroring LOTS of changes of data, night after night from rawhide takes time and leads to LOTS of broken mirrors/repositories – this needs to be fixed, somehow.

other things went on but this is the most concise list I could make.


things were going well, then I stupidly used a straw while drinking an iced chai. DUMB DUMB DUMB. So I might now have the beginnings of a dry socket. Tomorrow to the doctors office, they can treat it or something.

I’ve decided that I should remember, whenever things look brightest that’s just before they’re really gonna suck.

On the plus side, we got the apartment! Complete with New Pictures. Yay!


yum 2.0.6 got released last night, hopefully it will hit a fedora rawhide soon.


  • support comps and rpmdb-$distro cachedb for faster access to base headers
  • spanish translation
  • enablegroups option for repositories
  • –exclude option on the cli
  • –download-only option on the cli
  • correct problem with lockfile and non EN locales
  • added bootloader option to disable updating bootloader after kernel update/install.
  • updated some docs

Much happiness abounds. Now I can get back to work on the new metadata work and maybe playing with that vTransactions thing adrian pointed me to today.

Wisdom teeth removal day:

5:20am – power outage at duke, I get paged, run in, spend 1.5hours correcting and cursing, did I mention the cursing.

Come home, crash for 2 hours, shower, curse some more just for the sake of it then off to the doctor at 9:30am

My wisdom teeth were removed, apparently, with great force and I bet there was some evil cackling. πŸ™‚ I don’t remember even a little bit of it. I went in, they hooked me up to the bloodpressure and the heart machines, etc. They gave me an iv drip. At one point I saw the doctor put something in the iv. Then I remember waking up and not being able to understand the world other than little flashes of things like the bite-blocks.

Then off to the drug store for the pain medication I’m afraid of πŸ™‚

My memory is very fuzzy in those areas mostly b/c of blurriness and confusion. Not a lot of pain then, though. They gave me this long-lasting novocaine stuff and my jaw felt like it didn’t exist. Which, I’m told, is a blessing πŸ™‚

Then home, dribble blood and gatorade down my shirt, a lot, ice packs on my face.

I answered some email and got back into the world a bit. Ice, gatorade, water and gauze were the keywords for the day.

Took a nap after a while. Felt a little punched. Woke up and the numbness had worn off, still afraid of my drugs, went to the ibuprofen, instead, 4 of them. The pain right now is not as bad as it was when I had mono and my throat had swolen up to the size of a softball. Those were unhappy times.

The Girl and my mom are here taking care of me. It’s been nice. They’ve done lots of things to help me (like washing all of my clothes) but they also get along really well, and I like that.

When we sat and watched a couple of movies last night it was fun to sit comfortably with them.

In good news: It looks like we’ll be signing a lease on a new house come tomorrow. And it is BEAUTIFUL. Going over tomorrow to sign the lease, and show my mom. If they’ll let us, the Girl is going to take more pictures. It’s stunning. Information here. Hopefully more and bigger pictures and more recent ones, soon.


I get this phone call last night.

Mike: “Hey, seth, it’s mike, you’ll never believe what’s on techtv.”

Me: “Nope, I won’t, I don’t have cable, what’s up?”

Mike: “Yum, yum is being demoed on techtv – he’s running a yum update right now”

Me: “Wow, that’s completely cool, can you record it or something”

Mike: “No but I found this link” (ok, so he didn’t hot link while calling me but he IM’d it. )

Me: “Thanks, later”

So yum was on techtv on the show ‘screensavers’ it was shown as a part of feature on fedora core. And they didn’t even point out the ways that yum sucks. I was kinda happy about that.

Enough about me.

I’d like to extend my condolences to all those people in spain. I hope you do not have to suffer something like this again. No one should. It’s horrific and random and hateful and pointless.

root canal wasn’t that bad. I get to go back on the 24th to get the cap put on. Wisdom teeth loom in the not so distant future. I did very little work on yum today. A couple of stub function holders and some milling about. Was completely baffled by someone who emailed the yum list just to say that everything worked well and he was happy with it. That gave way to an seeming avalanche of “yum doesn’t suck” messages. This is nice to hear from time to time.

My younger brother called. He’s 14. In 8th grade, taking algebra. He had to do synthetic division of quadratic polynomials. He called me for help. I realized how much I’ve forgotten. A little bit of time on google and a fair bit of time saying ‘no, that can’t be right’ and I worked it out. I felt so smart, then I realized I just proved that I can do math at an 8th grade level. But I helped my brother so, yay!

So the awesome house will not be ours. Some other person got it. No joy for trying to outbid them easier.

Super-icky. So it appears that this week will just be a non-stop fiesta of pain. No house, root canal, painful talk on thursday then wisdom teeth.

My name is eeyore and it’s probably gonna rain anyway.


Added lots of new things to the config handling in HEAD. I’m mostly procrastinating and avoiding writing other code but at least it is productive procrastination! πŸ™‚ Added yum.repos.d handling for a dir fule of repository config files. Also added mirrorlist support and in general made the repository code a lot more flexible.

I think Michael fixed the keepalive bug that people have been seeing occasionally. Always good stuff.

Worked out some other things I need to do for HEAD. If all goes well 2.0.6 will be available for fc2 test2 and HEAD will show up as functional shortly after fc2 is released.


spent a lot of time playing mario kart and walking the dog this weekend. That’s good. Got to see a fantastic house on friday but there is one person in line in front of us to get it. I really hope they pass it up but I can’t imagine why they would. It’s incredibly beautiful and only has a couple of flaws in terms of what Eunice and I want. Very frustrating. Going to try the ‘offer more money’ tactic if all else fails.

Root canal time is coming soon. Boy I’m not looking forward to that. I’ve been weaning myself down from the advil and orajel so they can operate at their best efficiency after the root canal and before the wisdom teeth pull. Should be a blast.

The girl has had a rough week with her left eye. She’s got a corneal erosion (eye-doctor way of saying “she cut her eye”). She doesn’t know how she did it but it’s there. She’s been wearing a protective contact lense over it and taking eye-drop antibiotics. We go back to the eye-doctor tomorrow morning bright and early to see if it’s healed properly or not. All in all a very busy doctor-appointment-laden week ahead of us.

My mom shows up on thursday night to help with the reality-challenged-me post-wisdom-teeth-removal. That should be fun. I’ve never had general anesthesia before nor have I been on serious pain medication like vicodin or percocet before. A little apprehensive about both, in fact.

And in case Icon or Chris are reading this, this is a reminder to CHANGE THE ROOT PASSWORDS before I go to get my wisdom teeth taken out. I don’t want any ‘whoops I rm -rf’d the world in my drug-induced stupor’ problems occurring.

sitting on gaim last night. A friend of mine IMs me, asks if she could crash on my sofa if she came down. I said sure. She’s come down and done that before, no problem. She IMs again after a few minutes and asks if she can bring someone along. I make a comment about making sure they are clean and I consent.

They show up around 2am. We talk for a while. They work for the edward’s campaign (well, they work for the company that runs the campaign). They came down from DC to Raleigh to be there for his speech announcing his withdrawal from the presidential candidacy race.

Nice visit overall, they came down and it was pleasant. It was also fun walking into elmos with all women instead of all men for a change. And three attractive women is even nicer. πŸ™‚

Released a yum daily to fix a log problem and the rpmdb-$distro silliness that hit fedora development release.

I was syncing up the data for the x86_64 release when I noticed that the isos weren’t matching up on two different sites. Noted it to the players involved and found out that somewhere along the way someone had respun some isos and someone else hadn’t gotten the respins. So I guess I sorta helped, but I really just made a lot of people redownload a lot of bits.

Oh well.

Answered a lot of misc email for work and for yum. Fun fun fun. However it was 73F here today and I was working from home and it was lovely to sit with the windows open and work very comfortably.

I should do that more often. Yay Spring!