Surprising things

May 15, 2009

1. It is surprising to me how thrilled folks to seem to be about presto getting in for F11. I’m glad it is done. I’m sorry it took so long but it is nice to see all the happy remarks on fedora planet.

2. For a long time I wanted a nice-ish blog editor for wordpress-ish blogs that ran natively. It looks like I have that now in Lekhonee

It is not w/o bugs but what isn’t?

1. as Josh said we have rescued deltarpms from apparent unavailability 🙂

2. nahbs is going to be in richmond, va next year.

3. yehuda moon is coming back in June

4. eunice and I did a nice (and somewhat quick) 50 mile cap2cap ride this morning.

I’m sure tomorrow will go very very wrong. 🙂