fun times

May 20, 2008

If you’re wondering why I’m posting at 5am, you’re not alone. I’m right ther with you.

I spent all evening trying to force my hd into compliance but to not much avail. I don’t think I lost any data but it is still heart wrenching on its own.

I bougt an 8gh sdhc card from worst-buy. After a while mucking with anaconda I got anaconda to properly partition and install onto the sdhc card. Then I got this little 32mb usb key to properly function as a boot device using syslinux.

However, I encountered a couple of things:

 1. sdhc + local disk in PIO mode == performance doom

 2. sd-slot in use + suspend = FAIL

I’ll be filing bugs for the second one definitely.

So, other than that (and having to play silly buggers to get some data back)  it’s come along swimmingly.